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Updated January 2018

2018 SWAP SPACES (Unlimited size) are $15.00

Price includes One Single Admission. Additional people are $5/person

CLICK HERE to view or print a Swap Flyer

If you are coming in as a swapper, you cannot display "new" items in excess of 25% of the total items displayed. If more than 25% of your stuff is "new", then go to the "Commercial Vendors" registration and register there. If you sell "new" items (models, hot wheels, car related craft items etc) you may be a vendor not a swapper. The Cruzers reserve the right to determine if you are a swapper or vendor.

CAR CORRAL is $15.00 (Includes driver/$5.00 for each additional adults)
NOTE: FOR SALE Cars cannot be in a swap spot unless it is undrivable.
If it can be driven, it must be entered in the Car Corral.

NO "FOR SALE" SIGNS IN THE CLASSES PLEASE! If you want to sell your car/truck put it in the Car Corral. It will get better visibility there in the long run anyway, & we reserve the right to remove, or tape a sheet of paper over any For Sale signs if we see them!!